Name: Jenny Ly
Quiet, weird, RANDOM!, K-pop fan, Drawer, and....Cream of tar tar! :D

Birthday: Aug 16
Favorite bands: DBSK, BEAST, TEEN TOP


"…what I have tattooed on my body are things in my life that I do not wish to forget, things that console me, and things that I am thankful for. Even though I can’t see the tattoos on my back, but when I do manage to see them, I recall their significance and after thinking about it, I realize that there are things to be thankful for, and this is their purpose."

(Source: heephrodisiac)


"Always keep the faith" for a while i have forgotten these words exist.  But suddenly it became a huge part of me again. I honestly lost hope in seeing JYJ on TV. But suddenly they were there on the screen. Singing and smiling. This was the biggest smiles i have ever seen from them for years. I couldn’t help but smile myself. They finally got there.  They got in the first big step. Also they really kept their promise…..Thank you.